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  • 100% Natural Yacon Syrup
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100% Natural Pure Yacon Syrup

Yacon Syrup Extract
The ONLY 100% Pure Product Available!

Botella Gratis

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What is YACON?

Why Does It Have Scientists And Media Buzzing?

Yacon Syrup comes from the root of the Yacon plant, which is native to areas surrounding the Andes Mountains. Not only does it have the ability to reduce waistlines, but also appears to naturally regulate blood sugar and supports good digestion.

Finally, a natural solution to weight loss is here! This sweet extract could finally be your solution to shed those unwanted pounds of fat for good!


Yacon Syrup

  • Yacon.com offers yacon syrup extract that is produced in a safe, clean GNP Certified lab without any fillers, binders, or chemical additives.
  • Yacon syrup is a dual action weight loss solution. Not only can yacon syrup reduce food cravings, but it can also enhance the body’s ability to melt away fat.
  • Don’t bother spending hours at the gym and stressing over diet. Use this proven solution to natural reach your weight loss goals.


Yacon Syrup

This exciting new breakthrough in weight loss is a powerful sweet extract that allows you to lose weight without strenuous exercise or strict dieting.

Yacon extract enhances the body’s natural ability to burn fat while simultaneously reducing unhealthy food cravings.

Taking yacon syrup will not only reduce your waistline but also can boost immune system function, can regulate blood sugar, and can support healthy digestion.

Don’t wait any longer to see results, use a proven solution to shed unwanted pounds now!

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Testimonials from satisfied customers

  • I’ve tried almost every diet to lose weight but nothing really seemed to work until I found yacon syrup. I went online and ordered from Yacon.com and have finally seen the results I desire.

    - Wendy H. Florida
  • I’ve struggled with food cravings for years now and finally I decided to do something about it. Since taking yacon, my food cravings have almost completely been eliminated and I have started losing weight steadily.

    - Emelia O. New York
  • My biggest problem with losing weight has been keeping weight off. Since taking yacon syrup, I’ve been able to keep off the weight I lose and feel like my overall health has improved.

    - Megan L. Connecticut
  • I hit a weight loss plateau and couldn’t find anything to reach my goal. After ordering yacon syrup from yacon.com, I’ve finally reached my weight loss target and have kept it for months.

    - Amanda S. Colorado


without diet or exercise